Grow Your Small Business During COVID-19 Pandemic with Digital Marketing

The effects of the COVID-19 pandemic spared no one. Thousands of businesses around the globe have suffered significant losses. Small businesses, especially, have felt the larger impact due to the restrictions that lasted for several months.

The pandemic has unfortunately slowed down many businesses. But instead of slowing down, why not innovate in time of the crisis?

Whether it be coming up with a new product or creating a better marketing strategy, take the opportunity to do something bigger for your business.

Now that the coronavirus lockdown has eased, it is time that you get your small business back on track starting with digital marketing.

Digital marketing continues to play an even bigger role for many businesses today. With the new normal, there is no other way to best market your brand than online. This strategy gives you an opportunity to re-introduce your business to the market. So the question is, how?

Boost Your Social Media Presence

Adding social media to your digital marketing strategy is a smart move to rebuild your business brand. Today, more people are spending time on social media, which means you have a larger audience waiting for you.

If your current social media strategy only includes occasional posting for updates, now is the time to go big by regularly sharing more relevant, valuable content that catches the interest of your followers and encourages them to take action.

Tip: You can utilize online apps and tools to create social media graphics, animated posts, videos, and more to have creative posts that can grab the attention of your followers.

Step Up Your Content Marketing

Again, content is a vital step to increase your online engagements. Simple content is not enough to build a loyal and returning customer base. You need your customers to engage with you more so they can stay interested in your brand, and eventually turn into die-hard fans of your business. You can simply do that by writing content that gives value to your customers.

Grow more audience. Connect with a bigger audience by creating interactive content that promotes personalized exchanges between your business and your target audience. Some of the techniques you can use are posting polls, questions, or special giveaways for followers who can share a unique experience related to your business.

Learn what type of content your audience enjoys. Review your old posts and find which type of post has more engagements than usual. That is one of the ways you can identify which type of content your audience enjoys. Then, you can create better sequels of that post.

Distribute content across multiple platforms. Did you know that Instagram is the best platform for people in the food business industry? Instead of hanging out in only one, such as Facebook, discover more marketing channels that are useful for your business. By distributing your content to different media platforms, you have the opportunity to reach more audiences.

Improve Your Website’s SEO Ranking

Let’s say you already have a well-designed and functional website for your business. But in terms of search engine rankings, is it properly optimized?

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is a powerful, long-term strategy for your business. Optimizing your website for search engine optimization allows your business to have an edge among your competitors. When your website ranks on top of search engine results pages (SERPs) using a highly competitive keyword, then you are definitely having more website visitors.

Did you know? You have at least 5 seconds to make a user stay on your website. If your website shows loading speed problems, then you are losing almost half of your web visitors—probably more. Gain better user experience by catching 404s, optimizing images and HTML/CSS codes, removing unused website resources, and more.

Make Use of Paid Social Media Advertising

Running a social media ad is a cost-effective way to promote your business. In fact, it can build brand awareness, increase engagements, grow traffic, and more —only when you create the right campaign for your social ads.

When running an ad, there are important factors to consider to find out which social networks you should choose to spend money on. Learn where your target customers are more concentrated, accessible, and actively engaging with your ads.

Although it is a trial and error process during the first time of your ad campaign, finding the right social media network for your business can save you time and budget on your future ads.

COVID-19 does not have to be the end of your small business.

Recovering from the loss brought by the pandemic may be a struggle. But there are ways to minimize the long-term impact and keep your business growing during these challenging times.

Innovate, stay afloat, and spend more on digital marketing at a time when you are forced to cut back on store hours, staff, and serving your customers personally.

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