Basic WordPress Website Maintenance

We Take Care of Your Site Maintenance While You Focus on Your Business

With our team, your website remains live, updated, backed up, and secure.

Just an Email Away

Having some trouble with your WordPress website? Let us know about your issue and our team will immediately work on the problem for you. 

Safer than Ever

By regularly installing updates, data backups, and other WordPress maintenance tasks, your website stays much safer from possible risks.

Saves You the Headache

Maintaining and fixing your website can be daunting. But, with our expertise, you can just sit back and let us do all the work. Simple.

A great investment for one of your business assets.

Save yourself the stress of regularly maintaining your website. Let us do it for you instead—from WordPress updates, security fixes, and database backup to malware removal and more.


WP, Theme, and Plugin Updates

Your website is an important asset. Protect it at all times from any unwanted attacks by letting our team regularly update the necessary stuff.

Files Backup

Just in case things go down the drain, at least you’ve got your files backed up and ready to be recovered at any time.

Database Backup

You need to keep your website secure to prevent any data loss. So, if our team regularly backs up your database, we might just be your saving grace.

Database Optimization

When there is a lot of trash, we can take them out for you—whether it’s unused data, outdated images, or spam comments.

Uptime Monitoring

You are losing website visitors and might not even know about it! Our team can monitor your uptime 24/7 so we can notify you when there’s a problem.

Malware Scanning, Cleaning, and Removal

From regularly scanning for malware to cleaning and removing them, we will do everything in our power to get your website back on track.

Plugin and Theme Vulnerability Scanning

Monitoring your website for possible threats before it turns into major issues is important. But when they do happen, we’ll have our team fix them before you even know it.

Google Analytics Setup

If you have not set up Google Analytics for your website, our team can set it up for you so you can gain insights on your website visitors.

Security Fixes

A security check on your website is necessary to prevent it from being vulnerable to attacks. We will help you check, identify, and fix security issues right away.

Image and Code Compression

From your images to files, we’ll do the necessary compression to keep your site fast. After all, nobody wants to stay on a slow-running website.

Online Support

Experiencing any site issues? Our friendly team is just a Skype message or an email away. We’ll help you fix any problems in no time!

How much would it cost me?

WordPress Maintenance

Keep your WP website perfectly running and well-protected.
$ 299
  • WP, Theme, and Plugin Updates
  • Image and Code Compression
  • Google Analytics Setup
  • And more

Package Inclusions

WordPress Maintenance




WordPress, Theme, and Plugin Updates

Plugin and Theme Vulnerability Scanning✔️
Google Analytics Setup✔️
Image and Code Compression✔️
Files Backup✔️
Database Backup✔️
Database Optimization✔️
Uptime Monitoring✔️

Malware Scanning, Cleaning, and Removal

Security Fixes✔️
Online Support✔️
Monthly Website Status Reporting✔️

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